Amicable & Uncontested Divorce

When Litigation Is Not the Best Option

At Archer Swearingen, we understand that when amicable communication has become difficult, the parties often are better served by having separate attorneys; however, in many instances, the parties have simply grown apart, and do not wish to create, nor further, hostilities. For these cases, we offer amicable and uncontested divorce services. Although our firm may only represent one party in the legal sense, if the “client” expresses that he or she wishes to be open and honest with his or her spouse, then we will facilitate the process to help the parties reach an agreement. We will explain the law to both parties, and advise each as to what the law provides when splitting income, expenses, assets, and debts. This has tremendous upside to all involved – lower legal fees due to hiring only one attorney, a much less contentious atmosphere that allows both parties to better function in their day-to-day lives as their case proceeds, and the prospect that upon obtaining a divorce the parties will leave the marriage on friendly terms. The potential downside is that if the parties do not reach an agreement and wish to have separate attorneys going forward, we as a firm would need to withdraw from the engagement. We believe it would be unethical for our firm to take an adverse position against either party, when each has trusted and fully shared information with us.

Mr. Archer and Mr. Swearingen each hold graduate degrees in law and accounting, placing the firm in a unique position to advise parties on how best to divide marital assets and debts. If you and your spouse choose to hire us for our amicable and uncontested divorce services, we pledge to be an impartial advocate, and do our best to provide solutions that will lead each party toward a more fulfilled life post-divorce.

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