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While not on anyone’s list of exciting activities, estate planning is essential to good financial planning. If you wish for your assets to pass quickly, and privately, to your beneficiaries, you must have documents in place that will allow your assets to avoid the probate process. Assets that enter probate typically are not disbursed to beneficiaries until the earlier of one year after the decedent’s death, or eight months after notice is provided to those who may have a claim against your estate. Perhaps more concerning is the fact that probate records are public documents, so all information – such as the value of an asset and to whom it passed – will be viewable to the public. Both of these undesirable outcomes can be avoided through the use of trusts and other estate planning strategies.

Columbia lawyers Chris Archer and Reed Swearingen each hold advanced degrees in accounting, in addition to many years of business experience outside of the practice of law. This places Archer Swearingen in a unique position to advise their estate planning clients. If you have estate planning needs, or simply wish to discuss your current documents, we invite you to schedule an appointment. We charge a nominal fee for the initial consultation, which will be credited toward any fees should you choose to move forward.

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